Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hosanna in the Highest

May we who shout "Hosanna" today not be the ones who will also cry "Crucify".

As I posted the above on my Facebook wall early this morning, I was just thinking how disposed some were to point the accusing finger at me.  Someone hinted once that I was no different from the Pharisees who were trying to trap Jesus.

Why was I told that?  What wrong had I done?  I remember it most vividly.  It happened in a Bible study in January 2008.  We were studying Mark's gospel and everyone took turns to say what each verse meant to him or her.  The leader was quick to guide us to the "right" and conservative interpretation.  I was silent throughout until I was finally told to say specifically what Mark 9:1 meant to me.  The whole incident prompted me two years later to write this in my blog:  CLICK HERE

Bearing in mind what my views were, you can imagine how unhappy the rest in the group must have been.  The next day, I wrote a conciliatory email and included an evangelical interpretation that was of course well received.   This was what I wrote on 27 January 2008:

I did some reading up from an evangelical commentary and went on to give an interpretation which, as I have said, was very well received.

I even got an email in reply thanking me for my email and the writer made it clear that this new interpretation "made logical sense".

I leave it to you to decide if it indeed makes logical sense.  Happy Palm Sunday as we remember our Lord's triumphant entry into Jerusalem.

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