Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Over a murmuring brook

I tested out my cyclometer after installing the battery. 2050mm for tyre length seems to be the best calibration for my bike.

I felt strangely out of sorts the whole day and I knew why.  We ran out of milk and I didn't drink any the whole day.  That's the thing about being a mammal - we need milk.  Most mammals need milk only in their infancy but we humans have evolved to a much higher level.  I took my bike out in the evening but the view too tempting for me to just hurry on.  I felt constrained to stop at a footbridge over the canal to take a pic as the sun began to set.  It isn't really a footbridge.  It's more a road with a pavement.  Speaking of a footbridge, there used to be a real footbridge over this same canal further down the road.  There was a McDonald's just next to the canal.  They were all torn down to make way for a road over the canal. 

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