Wednesday, April 11, 2012

All in one day

Before the sun rises, let me take you on a journey round Singapore.  Our first stop is Marina Bay Sands where idiots gamble away their money.  Gamblers either hate money and can't think of a better way to get rid of it or they really can't come to grips with the law of probability.

Here's a pic taken before dawn.
Broad is the road that leads to ... the casino.

Next stop is where there's a large satellite dish on the rooftop:

What follows next is a hearty breakfast.
This is one of the commonest breakfast items in Singapore.  Yew char kway or yew tiao may still be common in China and it used to be the main breakfast food here a long time ago, but no longer.

Next stop is where lots of people are going to within the next few weeks for the medical check-up preceding the compulsory military enlistment called National Service.

That's as far as the photos go.  Cameras and phone cameras are not allowed within the facilities.

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