Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Milk and Honey and All Things Nice

I have been asked many times on Facebook what milk I would recommend.  There used to be a time when Vishnu, a local milk producer, produced the best milk in the country.  But lately, Vishnu milk seems to lack milk fat and it tastes bland.  This milk (see pic below) is now the most reliable; it's always consistently good.  I pick the low-fat variety for health reasons and if you think low fat milk isn't your cup of tea, you are wrong.  It tastes better than Sainsbury's and Tesco's semi-skimmed milk (same percentage of fat) and I'm willing to swear that it's a lot better than the milk I've drunk fresh from Jersey cows.  This is the real thing and it's widely available.  Avoid their UHT version which isn't very good.

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