Thursday, May 21, 2015


I'm really not interested in the petty juvenile dust-up between Amos Yee, the infamous school dropout, and just about everybody else in Singapore. But as I have said many times in my blog, I'm more interested in impersonal concepts such as religion and atheism and in this respect, I don't think I will differ much from Amos Yee except that he obviously is quite unable to see the bigger picture but that's not the purpose of this post and so I won't digress any further.

I happened to read Yahoo News recently and I came across an article about Amos Yee which I wouldn't have read if my eyes hadn't focussed on a small paragraph about grammar. Yahoo News says quite unashamedly that the article "originally appeared on Vulcan Post". So I went to Vulcan Post to read the original article on Amos Yee and grammar. This is the paragraph that caught my interest: