Friday, April 6, 2012

A BJ fan discovers new flavours

I used to be pretty certain that I had eaten every flavour that Ben & Jerry's have come up with but for some months, I stopped buying BJ ice-cream in the hope that my cholesterol could be lowered.  I was in the supermarket this morning when I discovered two flavours I hadn't tried before.  I immediately bought them (there are more important things in life than one's cholesterol reading) and I had both of them one after the other:

"Everything but the..." really has a little of everything.  The chocolate is scrumptious and I could taste a bit of caramel fudge, chunks of chocolates, peanut butter, etc.  It's pretty good but I thought the gooey marshmallows and the fish-shaped chocolate chunks in Phish Food were a trifle more exciting.  The chocolate flavour tends to predominate over all the other flavours and that makes it hard to isolate the different flavours.   All in all, it's very good and has a little of everything.

Clusterfluff is really good.  It's like Peanut Butter Cup but I detected traces of Cake Batter and I thought there was a hint of Strawberry Cheescake and of course, it's no surprise that there's a lot of Chubby Hubby in it too.  This is good stuff.  It's more peanut butter with the delicious batter of Cake Batter.

A few years ago, when Cake Batter took the ice-cream world by storm, I remember eating dozens of tubs of it because it was so delicious and novel.  I don't think "Everything but the..." is that revolutionary but it's really quite good still.

It's awfully hard to write a review of BJ ice-cream because all the flavours are truly good.  I catch myself saying - this flavour reminds me of that other flavour of BJ which is good but then this is good too!  What help is that to the reader???

There's really only one piece of advice that I should give my readers - if you haven't eaten most of BJ flavours, you don't know what ice-cream is like.  Keep eating one flavour after another and really, it's not such a tough job to do!

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