Monday, April 23, 2012

One man's meat...

I was just looking through my old photos and I thought I'd add a silly and corny caption to this pic.  But is the caption really all that silly?  I used to wonder how some clergymen could be so overly sentimental in their sermons without laughing at themselves.  There was one sermon I heard years ago that I thought was really stupid.  A few days later, I met a friend who had attended the same service.  He told me he had brought his sister who was suffering from depression to church and she was so touched by the sermon I had thought was stupid  that she no longer contemplated suicide.

We are all different individuals and what may seem stupid to someone may prove encouraging to another.  It's so natural for religious people to give a religious interpretation to everything they see (which accounts for stories of people seeing the image of Jesus or Mary or any of the saints on a wide variety of objects, some of which are downright ludicrous) and it's perfectly possible that someone may look at this photo and the caption and conclude that this is in line with what Jesus tells us in St Luke that even the stones would cry out and praise his name and because of this, he feels comforted and ministered.

It matters not that this caption is corny.  It matters not that the whole idea is stupid.  It matters not that there probably isn't a heaven.  If just one depressed individual should look at this and be encouraged to go on with life without thinking of suicide, wow! - it'd make my day and the logic of atheism can go hang.

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