Saturday, March 31, 2012

The day I took a pic in a toilet!!!

I've been called a camwhore by friends who know me well and although I don't like that word, I do take a lot of photographs every day.  That vile word "camwhore" has taken a meaning of its own and will probably enter the OED one day.  It is one of those words that are coined and propagated online through social networking sites such as facebook and google+.   It wouldn't surprise me in the least if that word were found exclusively online.

However much a camwhore I might be, I'm always careful not to take a pic in the toilet or changing room.  It may not be so bad if I were a woman since there are no urinals in the women's toilet and no woman is ever in any state of undress publicly, not even in their own toilet and there are only women around.  Women are generally more modest and they would lock the cubicle before they would even remove a jacket.  Men think nothing of appearing starkers in the toilet or changing room so taking a pic in such a place can of course lead to a serious misunderstanding.

As I was about to leave the toilet in a school this morning, I saw a sign that had me roaring and I felt compelled to take a pic.  I waited for two boys to leave and as soon as I was alone, I took a quick shot with my mobile phone:

Sorry, I have just removed the name of the school from the pic.  This is the internet and the cardinal rule is not to reveal too much.

Yes, the sign had me laughing and it was eye-catching.  Kids these days are so delightfully witty and even teasingly naughty.  But how effective was it?  The truth is I left the toilet without turning off the lights.  I'm just not used to turning off the lights in a toilet.  Who knows?  There might have been someone in one of the cubicles.

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