Saturday, March 31, 2012

Jerry Coyne insulted Roman Catholics?

I've seen in forums accusations hurled at Jerry Coyne, the renowned biologist, which are totally false that he insulted Roman Catholics.   It all began with the debate Jerry Coyne had with John Haught on 12 October last year in the University of Kentucky.

That debate led to a huge outcry by the internet community because although both parties agreed to have the debate filmed and posted online, John Haught refused to allow posting of the video after the debate.  I have seen the video and I can understand why.  John Haught was soundly thrashed in the debate.  Note: the video has since been made available and you can see it by clicking HERE

John Haught started off with the usual quote mining which I used to think was the pastime only of Protestant apologists but evidently, Roman Catholic theologians need the same crutch too.  But to be fair, he wasn't that bad.  He quoted a few people and naturally, Jerry Coyne wanted to explain that you can't say science is compatible with religion just because some scientists believe in religion.  He gave the statistics to show anyway that 93% of scientists are atheists and he went on to say what this photo succinctly encapsulates:

He's really saying Catholicism is NOT compatible with paedophilia just as science is not compatible with religion.  That can't be insulting, can it?

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