Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Beautiful Arch

One of my pet peeves is the tearing down of old buildings by the municipal authority.  The Singapore government is notorious for this.  I will always maintain that the old National Library building shouldn't have been torn down.  There's a charm to it that no modern building can have.  There are still many buildings and structures that exude the old-world charm.  Here's one I just took:

I love arches especially when they are old.  Here are samples of the arches I've taken which I picked at random from my computer.  Some may think I've taken rather shoddy examples of arches and I should post the famous Arc de Triomphe but like I've said, these are random arches that are currently in my computer.  And I'm comparing these arches with one in Singapore and this is a huge disadvantage to Singapore which has a rather short history.  All the same, our arch doesn't look too bad at all.

We have so few of these old buildings and structures.  That's the sad state of affairs in Singapore.   We can't change our history.  But we really can't afford to tear down any more of them.

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