Saturday, June 2, 2012

What's ideal when it comes to adopting children?

A facebook discussion on this question arose as a corollary to my JC Penney article (see the entry immediately below) which led to an impassioned opposition to my stand.  There are implications made that I was homophobic and I was tarred with the same brush as those who, in the past, wrote gays off as insane.  Below is the entire exchange.  Please read every word before coming to your own conclusion and decide if I was in fact homophobic.  You may disagree with my stand that singles, widows, widowers and those who can't offer a mother-and-father home environment are less ideal in raising kids but is that homophobic?  Search the postings below with a fine toothcomb and let me know where I have exhibited homophobia.  Please post your comments below.  For the sake of privacy, I have deleted all but the first names in the posts below.

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