Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cum dumplings in Singapore

In my earlier blog entry, I talked about a food stall that had a signboard that declared to the whole world that it was selling "INDIAN CUM".  Here's the link to the entry:  Indian cum

But that was an excusable mistake made by a food seller who was not comfortable with the English language.   What I saw this evening was totally unexpected.  Here is a photograph of it:

Notice that this is something organised by the Community Club.  In Singapore, it means this is a government-sponsored event.  There's to be a Cum Dumpling Making Competition on 16 June.  To enter the competition, you have to be in a team of two to three persons, presumably, one has to be a man.

This is not a misprint.  There are two other banners in different locations that say the same thing:

 Coincidentally, I had 4 different types of dumplings tonight for dinner.  As you can see from the labels, none of them is a cum dumpling.  Others may eat cum dumplings for all I care.  I'll just stick to the traditional dumplings.

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