Sunday, June 24, 2012

Is it really Canada or is it only Justin Bieber

Everyone is now talking about how dumb Justin Bieber is.  See this video from youtube and elsewhere - it's really gone viral:

David Letterman jokingly blames it on the Canadian High School from where Justin received his education.  How would Singaporean students rank here?  I checked with both my kids but that's not fair because they have been to the Sistine Chapel. But they insist that they knew about the Chapel long before they went there.  They are also absolutely certain that all the kids in their schools know about the Sistine Chapel.  That's one up for our schools but then schools in Singapore do rank very high in international assessments.  One school in Singapore beats all the top public schools in England when it comes to entrance into Oxford and Cambridge.  Outside of the USA, this same school in Singapore has the most number of students enrolled each year in Ivy League Universities.  So I suppose the answer is clear - our schools don't produce a Justin Bieber.  I'm talking about brains, not fan appeal which is so arbitrary a village idiot could hit the fan charts tomorrow.

But Justin really has a history of serious intellectual lapses.  In this interview with David Letterman last year, he showed himself to be not just dumb but also incapable of understanding simple English words.  Again the audience laughed and David Letterman had a good time.

But I suppose the moral of the story really is you don't need brains to be rich and famous and Justin isn't the only one.  Just look at Beckham.

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