Saturday, June 16, 2012

Singapore's nooks and crannies

One tends to think that one knows everything there is to know about an island so small you can't run a marathon in a straight line in without hitting the sea. But is that entirely true?

Is the picture below all one can associate with the island of Singapore?

But it's a beautiful picture nonetheless. It speaks of progress, efficiency and development which are all hallmarks of this amazing country.  But is that all there is to Singapore?

Below are photos taken in Singapore and I bet most people won't be able to tell me where exactly they were taken.  I have blotted out my image from the pics for privacy.

 Doesn't this look like a photo taken in Narnia?

 A water-spouting dragon.

Most people would have thought this pic was taken in Malaysia if they had seen it in the context of this post.

Somewhere in the Netherlands?  Haarlem, perhaps?

Bali, of course!  Without a doubt, you would say.

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