Saturday, June 2, 2012

JC Penney in the thick of a cultural war with fundamentalists

On the top right hand corner are these words:

One Million Mothers, a Christian group, is up in arms against JC Penney and has called for a boycott of the company.  See the report here:

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JC Penney's publishing of the ad in their Father's Day brochure is a clear indication of the company's stand despite the criticism it faced in February from the American Family Association's One Million Mums project for hiring Ellen DeGeneres to be the company's spokesperson.  Ellen DeGeneres if of course a lesbian.

Although I have doubts as to whether it's prudent to allow adoption of children by gay and lesbian couples, I am absolutely disgusted by the stand taken by One Million Mums.  JC Penney, in spurning One Million Mums, is to be lauded.  Organising a boycott is so typical of groups that do not place much store by reasoning and debating. 

Personally, I wouldn't bother to try and convince JC Penney that adoption of children by gay couples isn't ideal simply because JC Penney is not an adoption agency.  Their views on adoption have nothing to do with their customers.  It's different if JC Penney sold clothes that came from factories which exploited young children in illegal underage labour.  If that is the complaint, a boycott is understandable.

EDIT: 2:50pm, 7 June 2012:
In the 6 June 2012 issue of the Huffington Post online, there is an interview of the two dads.  Here it is:

Link to article and video

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