Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Is life in Singapore all that bad?

I've just read some of the blogs listed on the Singapore Daily and I'm amazed that most of the bloggers take the view that life in Singapore is pretty bad.  Gintai, in his account of his conversation with Shanmugam (the Minister for Law and Foreign Affairs), mentioned the better salaries of train drivers in the UK.  But would he really swop places with a UK train driver?

Well, here's a silly little ditty I have just composed.  The photos attached are all shot by me personally and I own the copyright, so google (the owner of blogger), don't mess with them or ask me if I am entitled to post them.  This is all just for a good laugh, so please take it with a shovel of salt.


I am racking my brains for something to write
In my blog to set things right,
The grass here, they say, is not green, you know?
In the Land where the Palm Trees grow.

I have prata at eight with some curry beside
 And char kway teow to immediately follow
I can do that only because I reside
In the Land where the Palm Trees grow.

Across the Straits is a different place
Where the people are grouped by race
Is that what you want? I should like to know
Let's remain where the Palm Trees grow.

 The Land up North, has its Buddhist king
And its people do dance and sing
But they haven't got our kopi-O
so let's stay where the Palm Trees grow.

The Isle of gods have their temples galore
And white beaches from shore to shore
But they haven't got the security to show
So it's back where the Palm Trees grow.

I have gone far abroad, to another clime
 Where huge clocks tell out the time.
But the city is cold and surely you must know
It's not where the Palm Trees grow.

They have freedom, they say, they can do as they please
 They can do all things with ease
But that's not what I like and in my dreams I still go
To the Land where the Palm Trees grow.

In one land, they serve beer with smoke in it,
And it's drunk in one gulp as a habit.
They have there a quaint house with water below
But it's just not where the Palm Trees grow.

We have floods and the haze and it's humid and hot
We have ERP, GST and whatnot
There are cameras by the roads all in a row.
In the Land where the Palm Trees grow

But if I vow to be good, whatever my mood,
Not just me but the rest of my brood.
Then life is good and to all I'll crow
That I'll stay where the Palm Trees grow.

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