Thursday, July 29, 2010

Yoopsies doodles! Look at what I'm reading

My statistics counter shows that my readership is usually at its lowest ebbs when I'm talking about the books I'm reading.  Most people I know just aren't interested in books. I've blogged about books that ruined my faith in God, etc but my counter clocks a low readership. It's not earth-shattering enough. But this book is surely different? I suppose some will sit up now and listen?  It took me two days to get this book. I'll tell my story in detail soon and it will appear in this entry. But here's a pic of the book I'm reading now.  I hear it's the coolest book in town. If you don't agree, well, let's see if you are able to get a copy!  So there!

Here's the story I promised:
It's really quite simple. I have no interest in executions and how the State punishes criminals.  In normal circumstances, I would not touch this book even if it were served to me on a silver platter.  But the Singaporean police has sprung into action and with surprising speed, they arrested the author and warned the book shops to withdraw the book from their shelves.  It was reported in all the newspapers that the government had not banned the book but the book shops had been "advised" not to sell it.

What's not banned is not illegal. A book shop may simply thank the police for their advice but refuse to heed it.  Why should it? After all, it's perfectly legal to sell the book. If the book is indeed all that harmful, surely it behoves the government to ban it?

I went to JB on 27 July but I was told at MPH that the book was sold out. I placed a reservation for the book and made my payment. The next day, I got a call from MPH informing me that the book was available. I rushed down immediately and got my book.

And I am not the least bit disappointed. The book is earth-shatteringly gripping. I would have gone to JB ten times if that was what was necessary for me to get hold of the book.


  1. How's your own book coming along?

  2. Hi Kit, it's coming along fine but a little slowly. Thanks.