Sunday, July 18, 2010

Is it an offence to take pics of the flood in Singapore?

Just read the link below. Shocking!  If the policeman is not severely punished for his improper and abusive behaviour, it's natural for the public to think that he was merely following orders that came from above and ultimately, a link will be made to the political leaders.  This is highly damaging. The policeman must be severely punished. Or if he was merely following orders, some confession is in order.

I'll just reproduce the article below. It's taken entirely from the website above:

Mr Wu, a senior photographer with LianHeWanBao who went to the scene of flooding at Upper Bukit Timah Road to take pictures of the flood ended up being handcuffed by a Policeman and detained without reasonable cause for over an hour.
Singapore experienced a heavy downpour early saturday morning which caused flooding in Braddell Road, Changi Road, Joo Chiat, Telok Kurau,  Geylang and Bukit Timah.
According to Mr Wu, he was at Upper Bukit Timah Road around 7am taking pictures of a car that had been swept onto the road kerb. When he wanted to venture further for more pictures of other cars that were stranded in the knee deep water, a Policeman who was seated in a Police Car nearby put on his rain coat and approached him.
The Policeman asked Mr Wu to leave the scene but Mr Wu politely requested that he be allowed to take a few more pictures. Without any warning, the Policeman took out his handcuff and cuffed Mr Wu’s right hand and pulled him to the side of the road by the handcuff. The Policeman also threatened to bring him back to the Police Station.
Mr Wu then asked the Policeman why he is being handcuffed since he is not a criminal nor did he commit any offence but got no response. He subsequently reach for his handphone wanting to record this incident but the Policeman immediately removed his handcuff and led him to a nearby condominium, forbidding him from leaving claiming an Investigating Officer will be attending to him. He was subsequently allowed to leave after an hour without any further action.
Mr Wu claims that the marks left by the handcuff are still visible after 5 hours, a result of the Policeman pulling on the handcuff while forcing him to leave the scene.
A senior photographer with over 30 years of experience, Mr Wu felt insulted, humiliated and is very angry.

Chinese Version Below

 By Wu Shao Jun

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