Friday, July 2, 2010

Lunch with my best friend

This is what I had

My friend whom I see quite regularly has problems with eating because his taste buds have been very adversely affected by the cancer treatment and for lunch today, he only had chee cheong fun with sweet sauce and nothing else.  He's also lost a great deal of weight.  He used to be fat.

Two days ago, he told me over lunch that he had just gone to the oncologist and tests showed that his current treatment has been effective in holding the cancerous tumours at bay.  But he said that he was only buying time.  The tumours will mutate in 6 months and they'll start to grow again.  He's got about twenty malignant tumours in his lungs.  These were spread from his liver.  He had a liver transplant in 2008.

Happily, nobody can tell that he has terminal cancer.  He looks perfectly healthy and cheerful.  He has two very young children.

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