Thursday, July 10, 2014

MINDEF holds Pride Day Celebration!!!

Lately, homophobic and hate-filled people have generated a great deal of publicity and more people have become aware of the life and struggles of the average gay person, particularly if he lives in an oppressive and intolerant society. Apple Inc, in solidarity with and support of the LGBT community, just posted a video of its participation in the San Francisco Pride Day celebration.

"June 29, 2014 - Thousands of Apple employees and their families gathered to celebrate our unwavering commitment to equality and diversity."

As you can see in Apple's official video, thousands of their employees carrying rainbow flags marched in unity with many other participants in the San Francisco Pride Day on 29 June.

That's Apple Inc in the US.  What about companies in Singapore? Do they celebrate Pride Day? How about a Singtel Pride Day? I suppose you are going to say that's not going to happen in the next hundred years?

Now, let me tell you this. When I saw the Apple video, I was immediately reminded of what I saw 5 years ago. It was a hot day and as I was walking aimlessly in a shopping centre in Singapore. minding my own business, my attention was suddenly drawn to some loud music and dancing and I saw a gay and jolly celebration right in front of my eyes. I read a large banner that explained the reason for the celebration and I couldn't believe what I saw! I just had to reach into my bag for my camera and to assure myself that I was not seeing things. I'll let the photos do the talking. As you know, photos don't lie and I can vouch for the fact that these photos are genuine and have not been altered in any way.

Guess who organised the Pride Day fetivity? No, not Singtel. The organisers are arguably the most macho Ministry in the entire Cabinet. It's MINDEF itself! The Ministry of Defence saw fit to hold a MINDEF PRIDE DAY and mind you, this was as early as 2009 and some 5 years before Apple Inc participated in its first Pride Day celebration.

Take your time to look at each of these photos. Don't you think the dancing and festivity are lively and colourful enough to rival even San Francisco's Pride Day celebrations?

Next time, if you read the blogs of netizens that run down Singapore (as they usually do) and if you catch them denouncing Singapore for its conservative and homophobic stand, just show them these photos. I don't believe even the US Armed Forces hold a Pride Day celebration. That's how progressive and tolerant Singapore is. Like Apple Inc, we in Singapore celebrate our unwavering commitment to equality and diversity.

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