Tuesday, July 8, 2014


When I first read that Sir David Attenborough received hate mail from Christians some years ago for not giving credit to God for the natural world, I found it unbelievable. That Richard Dawkins received hate mail for writing his God Delusion is something I can understand but surely Christians can't hate Sir David Attenborough who is the most harmless person on earth. But hate is a funny emotion and I'm soon to learn that being tolerant and loving towards gays and lesbians or merely saying something in their defence as I did in this post in my blog is enough to generate hatred in my fellow followers of the world's greatest religion of love.
I think you are not a Christian. When you die, you will be in hell. You can't run away. You will scream every second forever. But I can't hear you cos I'll be in heaven singing songs about God. I will smile cos you ask for it. I say all this with love.

I really laughed when I read the last sentence. He or she said it in love. The writer did not leave behind his or her name and he signed off "In Jesus' love".

NOTE: I have copied and pasted in this post precisely what appears in each message sent to me. I make no editions of any kind.

This is one of the many hate messages that I've received for having written my earlier blog post in defence of the LGBT community. Some aren't all that funny and are rather predictable. Here's one.

You don't know Sodom and Gommorrah? You forget Bible? You don't know how to read? Word of God say homos must be killed with the stone. You bigger than God?

And I have next an email in a plaintive voice. This is quite common. But the writer of this email sounds unstable psychiatrically and he sees things that are not there.

I cried when I read your blog and I went to God. God gave me a vision and I saw you. I can see your face like you are standing in front of me. I have never met you but I know how you look. How is that possible if I don't have a vision from God?  You are a man very fat man and normal height and you look very sad. I don't know you but I can say what you look like. Please believe God's power. Then I heard a voice, a small voice. It's like the prompting of the Holy Spirit. I recognise the voice of God. God is saying you are deeply hurt. You are divorced and unhappy. How I know you are divorced? Please believe God's power. You are internal hurt. You are spiritual broken. God is saying, "Come back to me and I sure heal you."  You say all this because you are paining. But actually you love God. Come back.
I was tempted to show my wife this email and tell her that we've got to go get a divorce or God would be telling lies!  For the record, I'm not fat and I don't look sad and I am not divorced. I'm tempted to post some of the photos of myself I took in a nudist resort a couple of months ago just to prove that the voice in the writer's head is probably nothing more than a chemical imbalance in his brain. Interestingly, the God in his vision speaks Singlish just like the common man on the Chai Chee omnibus. "I sure heal you", says God. Now, that's bad Singlish and if God must speak in Singlish, he should at least get his Singlish grammar right. Singlish grammatical rules require "one" at the end of that sentence. "I sure heal you one" and "I sure heal you" by itself is elliptical.  See Ah Beng et al, "Singlish Grammar and Syntax - Die Die Must Read One".

It's funny how some people can write hate-filled emails and yet they think they are motivated by love. Religion can have that kind of effect on people.  Here's one example.

God is love. But God is also JUDGE. Evil people like murderers, thieves, robbers, gays, drunkards must be judged for their sins (1 Cornthians). When God sends people to hell, he does it out of love. If you go with the lawless, you will be judged this way also. Do you want to spend eternity in hell with fire and worms? If the answer is yes, I am happy for you. I will laugh when you cry because of the fire.  What you do is very dangerous. You make people think the Word of God is wrong. But you are wrong. Gays are wrong. All this modern ideas are wrong. Western thinking is wrong. In the end there is the fire.
Honestly, I'd rather be in "the fire" as he puts it than to spend all eternity with the likes of him.

If you recognise some of your emails in this post, please be assured that I will not disclose the names and email addresses of people who have written to me. I welcome emails and after reading them, I delete them to ensure privacy. What I have done above is merely to post a small segment of some of the emails anonymously. Your privacy is guaranteed when you write to me so please keep the emails coming.  And I don't mind if your emails sound loony.  In fact the loonier, the better.

This email just came in and I must post a short excerpt of it.

You ask us to show why homosexuality is wrong and you challenge us time and again. You want us to say it straight from the Bible and I can see where you are heading. It's easy to read you like an open book. One thing I can say of you is you don't hide your thoughts. I hate to say it but you are honest in the way of the world but not in the way of the Lord. Those who walk in the way of the Lord won't do what you do. You are really doing the opposite of evangelism. If someone shows you the verses against homosexuality, you will show commands to kill people for things that don't seem wrong to people today. You will say if we don't follow those commands today, why do we pick on the commands against gays? A non-Christian who reads what you write will think God is evil and the Bible is full of bad things. If you walk in the way of the Lord, you will not talk this way. Is it right to show non-believers all this? But I know what you will say. You will say truth is everything and you won't hide the truth from non-Christians. That's not Christian truth. Do you see other Christians talking about this truth? You think we don't know what the Bible says and only you know it? Quit kidding yourself. What's important to real Christians is to reach out to non-believers. That's no. 1. If you walk in the way of the Lord, you will know what I mean. But you don't. You bring up the Bible and challenge people to argue with you and if they do, you show everything in the Bible which should not be shown to non-Christians. You will burn in the hottest hell for this. There's a way out for you. Repent and delete all your anti-Christian blogs. You are now a very dangerous person but I think you can be a very effective Christian if only you take the side of Christianity. Humble yourself before God and the Bible. Imagine the many souls that can be saved if only you stop showing how wrong God is and how wrong the Bible is. Of course God and the Bible are right. They are holy. But you mustn't show things that will make people lose their faith. I know everything you know and I know more but I never say it out. If it doesn't edify, keep it quiet. Write good things about the Bible and make an altar call.
Wow! He has put it very well. A good Christian should not talk about those parts in the Bible that show how wrong the Bible is or how capricious and nasty God is. A good Christian keeps these things in the dark from non-believers so that they can be lured into the faith. If you show them these things, they will of course reject the faith. That's basically what the writer is saying. Good Lord! He makes Christianity seem like a scam!!!

As you can see, nobody gave me a single plausible argument in favour of their homophobic stand. They say gays are wrong, homosexuality is wrong, gay relationships are sinful but they are unable to justify their stand. I'll tell you why homosexuality is wrong. We happen to be straight. We are married and have families of our own. We aren't gay. So homosexuality must be wrong because what we are not is what we must condemn. That's homophobia in a nutshell.


  1. Hi, I'm sorry you received so many hate mails for being a voice of reason, but I burst out laughing on the bus when I read that the person 'say all this with love'. There is no reasoning with people who doesn't use their god-given powers of reasoning and choose to blindly believe whatever they are told, lock, stock and barrel. I'm not sure if it is laziness, naiveté, feeble mindedness or all of the above. This is all very sad and bodes ill for our society, but a few thousand ignorant bigots in a city of 5 million, I can live with it.

    Meanwhile, I just want to say I totally enjoyed your blog, especially what you wrote about grammar and grammarians! I am in the midst of finishing my novel (it's a hobby), and was using this app called Grammarly, when I read your piece on Hemingway. My initial experience is such apps do not have the edge over MS Word, but will continue to use for the duration of the free trial and see how it goes.

    Please continue to delight us with your perspectives on issues big and small. I look forward to more sniggers on the bus.

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you were entertained.