Monday, May 28, 2012

Why doesn't somebody correct me?

I am on good terms with many religious people, particularly those in the church.  I am friends with priests, monks, theologians, apologists, missionaries and all kinds of religious people.  Most of them knew me at one time to be a fervent and strong believer.  Most of them know too of the serious problems I have with my faith at the moment.  They are still very nice to me but not one of them has bothered to correct me.  If I am mistaken, why has nobody told me where I have gone wrong?  I have even taken it upon myself to be a bit of a nuisance on Facebook and in various gatherings by raising some of the problems I have with the faith openly but whenever I do that, they become strangely silent.  They would rather not talk about the faith with me.  Naturally, there can only be one reason - they haven't got a leg to stand on and they know I'm right and they're wrong but they want to just continue with the faith.  Might I hazard a guess that deep down, they too have the same problems that I have with their faith?

I was just going through an exchange I had with a theologian in my church on his Facebook wall in February last year.  Notice that some of them did try to "defend God" but notice too that they lapsed into a stony silence when they realized that I knew my Bible and you couldn't pull wool over my eyes.  Which leads me to wonder if religion is more suitable for young children and people whose eyes you can pull wool over.  For the sake of anonymity, I have deleted portions of all our names.  Surely if I am incorrect in my interpretation of the Bible, it's easy to point out my error?  After all, we all share the same Bible.  After years of seeing priests and other holy men running away from me with their tails between their legs, can I be faulted if I reach the conclusion that I am right and they know it?  What other explanation can there be?  When you've built your house on the sand, you will fear the storm of an argument.  So what do you do?  Be silent and hope the irritant will talk about something else.  Bear in mind always that I am only a lay parishioner, untrained in theology and the teachings of the Church and am most open to instruction and teaching.

These are screen captures.  They may appear uneven in size but I have arranged them so you can read through them easily.  It begins with a posting on the theologian's Facebook wall about "honour killing" common in some Muslim communities.  

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