Friday, May 11, 2012

Indian cum.... Yuck!!!!!

No, I'm not being racist.  You can replace "Indian" with "Chinese" or any other races or even any of the species in the animal kingdom and I will still say "YUCK!!!"  The Japanese eat the whale variety but they eat many other things too and I'm certainly not Japanese!

Here's the pic.  What do you think the two women are being served?

For those who can't really see the pic and refuse to click on it for the larger photo, here's a zoomed-in pic:

It all started last night (yes, it's as recent as that) when I saw on a friend's Facebook wall a photograph of this signboard.  Readers of my blog must know that I love collecting photographs of funny signage.  Most of them are in other countries, particularly China.  Photographs of funny signs in China are a dime a dozen.  When I heard from my friend that this signboard was in Singapore, I decided I had to act fast before the owner wised up and removed it.

It did not surprise me in the least this sign was found in a food court in some God-forsaken part of Singapore.  It was not easy to get to this place.  I set off early this morning with the help of google maps (what can one do without google in this day and age?) and had to negotiate a road full of lorries and large construction vehicles because I was on my way to the Boondocks of Singapore.  The food court is deep within a large building that looks more like a gigantic warehouse in Pasir Gudang in Johor than any building in Singapore.

I felt I had to order something from the stall since I was going to take pics of the signboard.  But I wanted to eat mee goreng from a Malay stall at the same food court.  So I got myself just one thosai from Indian Cum:

I must confess I didn't eat the white chutney.  I then ate my mee goreng from the Malay stall before leaving the place.

From the brief moment it took for me to place an order with the stall owner, I could instantly tell that the proprietor of Indian Cum was not comfortable with the English language and hence, the name.  I think he's not a Singaporean but a native Indian.  But I have no doubt that it's only a matter of time when the mistake will be brought to his attention and the sign removed.  But that's ok.  I have the photos and that's all that matters.

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