Friday, February 18, 2011

I got this in my letter box on 15 February and the first thing I thought was that it was an ad from an estate agent. Estate agents do this all the time - sending unsolicited mass letters addressed to "The Resident".

Is it right for doctors to resort to the same advertising ploy? Does the ethics code allow a doctor to be a nuisance to an entire neighbourhood by sending out mass letters? What impression will the recipient have and would he really go to such a doctor for a consultation? I personally would not. I would never go to a doctor who has that sort of need to advertise.

When my kids were young, they were seen by Dr Ngiam Thye Eng. I just did a search again and he's now practising on the 3rd floor of Gleneagles. He used to be from the same clinic as this doctor but from what I found out on the web, all the doctors left that practice and started a new one called International Child and Adolescent Clinic. Tel: 64711077

Anyone with young children really ought to see Dr Ngiam Thye Eng. He's really an EXCELLENT paediatrician.

Now, isn't it much better to be a really good doctor and your former patients highly recommend you on their personal blogs than to irritate an entire neighbourhood by sending mass unsolicited letters to them? I trusted my kids to Dr Ngiam and he took excellent care of them and I'm not the only one. I just did a search for Dr Ngiam Thye Eng and there are numerous parents who view him as a must-have paediatrician for their precious kids. And they are absolutely right!

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