Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Coffee has no taste apart from bitterness. Those of us who drink it do so after adding lots of milk to it to dilute its bitterness. Isn't that silly? I cleverly drink the milk without the coffee and I've lived life beautifully without that ridiculous stimulant.  

But wait, recent studies show that coffee has curative properties. It's able to prevent dementia and Altzheimer's Disease in later life.

See these articles:

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Click here for Web MD 

So, how does one drink this dreadful drink just to avoid getting dementia?  Milk comes to the rescue.  Add a little coffee to a large mug and pour milk more than ten times the amount of the coffee. You get a mildly contaminated mug of milk which of course doesn't taste as good as a proper glass of milk but who cares?  It's at least tolerable. 

Here's how you do it.

First, scoop half a teaspoon of coffee powder:

Next, you place it in a large mug:

Add just a little hot water to dissolve the coffee powder:

Fill up the rest of the large mug with milk:

This is what you get in the end - milk contaminated by a little coffee:

This is the best you can do to a beverage that has nothing to recommend itself apart from the newly discovered property it has that keeps dementia at bay.  I really didn't like it much. It took me a long time to drink it up. I could not manage a second cup and the three cups recommended in the articles are of course way too ambitious!  There are people who really love coffee (unbelievable though this may be) but I'm sadly not one of them.

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