Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We and the North Koreans

See this and ask yourselves honestly if this is not pathetic.  We should then reflect on our own religious beliefs and ask ourselves if we are not similar to a large extent to the North Koreans.

Click here to view the video 

EDIT [21 June 2012]:
The video has been removed from youtube.  I wish I had saved it and posted it here separately.  It's about a US eye surgeon who went to North Korea to treat 100 people with blindness that is treatable by simple surgery.  The bandages over their eyes were removed in a large hall, one by one, and most of them reacted with tears of gratitude but not for the surgeon. They were only grateful to their "dear leader".  One by one of them would go to a portrait of their leader and make obeisance before the portrait and they would vow loyalty and devotion.  It was too frighteningly familiar to me.

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