Friday, June 4, 2010

So, I really am participating in the Czech Clarinet Festival!

I finally emailed last night my application to participate in the clarinet festival in a music conservatory in the Czech Republic.  

Under "Musical studies: (Conservatory, University, etc)", I wrote "Not applicable".  My silly wife asked me to write ABRSM Graded exams and Trinity College Certificate just so they could have a good laugh at the other end.

I had to give a list of my repertoire (there was space for 4 pieces) which I'll have to perform and this is what I wrote:

1. Schumann's Fantastiestucke (1st movement)

2. Heinrich Baermann's Clarinet Septet (Adagio)

3. Lutoslawski's Dance Preludes (No. 2)

4. Donizetti's Concertino in B-flat (1st movement)

I was smart not to be overly ambitious but I still have to practise the pieces!  Of course I'm going to be a disgrace at the conservatory but I don't want to be a total disgrace!

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