Saturday, May 15, 2010

The meaning of dedication and love

I was a little unwell today.  Had a migraine attack that lasted almost the whole day.  Had a long lunch with Charles but the headache continued tonight.  Wife had to go to Dr Goh's funeral wake and I could not accompany her.

There's been a great deal of tributes pouring in for Dr Goh and he more than deserved them.  There can be no doubt that he was a truly great man.  But what the press doesn't seem to talk about is what a great woman Mrs Goh really is.

My wife has always been most impressed by the care and concern Mrs Goh had given to Dr Goh for the many years that he was unwell.  She has never before seen so much love, dedication and devotion that could continue unabated for so long.  She's told me repeatedly for many years what a great woman Mrs Goh was and it was not until the passing of Dr Goh and I saw Mrs Goh and her swollen eyes that the truth of what real love meant struck me.

This has set me thinking.  I do not like to dwell on sad things and death and bereavement are taboo subjects to me in the sense that I like to dwell only on things that are happy and even frivolous.  But life is more than fun and frivolity.

How will I react should misfortune strike?  It will happen for sure.  My best friend is suffering from terminal cancer and all hope is now gone even though he still appears well.  I too will one day suffer from terminal cancer or some other death-threatening disease, or worse, someone in my family may suffer from such a disease.

It's good to turn to religion in times of despair.  Our human species has always looked to religion for solace when there is no more light at the end of the tunnel.  It's been so since our Cro-Magnon days.  This does not make religion true; it merely means religion is comforting.  But when the future looks really bleak, nobody cares for the truth.

Let's live life to the fullest but let's always allow some room for the divine.  That's our human safety valve which no amount of logic and clear thinking should ever induce us to discard.

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