Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Illiterate Graduates?

Singapore is a land of paradoxes. It's such a small island that you can't even run a marathon in a straight line without hitting the sea and yet it's a huge economic powerhouse and it tops the educational charts every year and is recognised as the country with the best educational system in the world.

But there are other paradoxes that Singapore can't be proud of. I have shown in more than 80 posts in this blog irrefutable evidence that the only thing Singapore's Speak Good English Movement knows about English grammar is perhaps the spelling of the word 'grammar'. Apart from that the Movement is totally ignorant of English grammar and usage and it has been giving erroneous grammar tips since the day it started and continues to dish out 'advice' on grammar that is so obviously wrong that I am compelled to dub it Singapore's Illiterate Movement.

Recently, I posted a photo of a poster in the National University of Singapore that contained a surprising error.  Shortly after that, I posted another illiterate poster this time from the Land Transport Authority. Just yesterday I took this pic of an ad by NUSS (the National University of Singapore Society) which proudly calls itself on its website 'The Graduate Club'. The ad appeared on a shuttle bus in NUS:

One would have expected the Graduate Club to show more sense in its one-sentence ad. But it makes the kind of mistake that even a child of seven would not make. Moments after I had taken this pic, I saw a group of very young children of kindergarten-going age laughing when this same bus passed by. I have no doubt they were laughing at a mistake that none of them would have made even when they were throwing one of their childish tantrums.

For years, I have been saying on this blog that the pernicious tentacles of the Speak Good English Movement would spread throughout the length and breadth of this country and for the good of Singapore, the Movement must be disbanded.

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