Wednesday, January 13, 2016

They can't even get the title of their conference right.

There are many languages that do not distinguish gender or plurality in their pronouns. The ta in Mandarin and ia or dia in Malay are examples. Children who come from a non-English speaking background may find the pronouns difficult and they may resort to using 'it' for all situations even where the plural is required. One hears sentences such as 'The boys are wrong, isn't it?' quite often from very young children but as they grow older and they begin to grasp the concept of plurality, they stop making this childish error.

Alas, the Speak Good English Movement has not outgrown this childish error. As I have shown elsewhere in my blog, they are known to make many such errors:

'Alan and George works as a team' is said by the Movement to be 'acceptable'.

If you want to have a look at the more than 50 posts in this blog on the Movement's many errors, click here for a list with all the links.

If you think the Speak Good English Movement should by now be more careful than to make such stupid mistakes, you are wrong. I happened to look at their Facebook page and I found these photos which were taken at an English language conference held at Concorde Hotel which was organised by the Movement almost a year ago.

As usual, I try to be fair so I looked at more of the photos. Here's one that led me at first to think that the mistake was made by this woman who was writing on the board and it's not a mistake that I could lay at the door of the Movement itself.

But, as it turns out, this woman is not to blame. 'Communications - Keep it Simple and Clear' is the very name or title of the conference itself! Here's proof of it:

One of my grouses is that it's very hard now to find proper sentences written by the Speak Good English Movement. They have stopped posting their Chairman's speeches and I've just checked again - they have not uploaded their official speeches on their website since 2014. One would have thought that it'd be very difficult to find grammatical errors made by the Movement since it's hard to find anything longer than the occasional short Facebook comments that they make. But hey, that's not true! They can't even get the main heading of their conference right! With the Speak Good English Movement, you don't have to get them to write long essays. I have already said many times elsewhere on this blog that Singapore's Speak Good English Movement is absolutely incapable of getting their grammar right. They can't even get a short title right.

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