Sunday, November 8, 2015

How to Excel in English at PSLE and Beyond - Rule 1

This How to Excell in English at PSLE and Beyond series will, I hope, provide an antidote to students against the pernicious effect of the outrageous errors of the Speak Good English Movement in Singapore.

RULE 1 - Stay away from the worst book on English grammar and usage that the world has ever seen. And it's not just one book. The work comes in two volumes. Here it is:

I've written in this blog about 60 articles against English as it is Broken Parts 1 & 2. Almost every page of both volumes contains a serious error and it may very well be an error even a ten-year-old child would not make. If you are interested in reading what I have written more fully about the many blunders of this work and other educators, please click here for a one-page user-friendly post with all the links to my articles on the subject.

Who is responsible for this disgraceful book? This is what the back cover of one volume proudly says:

The Speak Good English Movement is very much to blame. For the same reason, you must avoid their website on the English language like the plague. I have shown in my blog on numerous occasions the kind of mistakes they make in their website. These are basic errors that nobody who can even speak simple English should make.

In this series, I hope to explain how you may spot errors made by the likes of the Speak Good English Movement and the language specialists from the Ministry of Education who also had a part in writing the aptly named English as it is Broken. It's only when you've trained yourself to spot errors made by ignoramuses who are falsely touted as 'experts' that you are able to tell your kids if a teacher is right or wrong. And you won't do what Nadine Yap did - she posted what she thought was an error by her child's teacher on her Facebook wall which attracted hordes of morons from all over the world who knew nothing about grammar but were quite eager to crucify the teacher who happened to be correct. If you are interested in reading more about that shameful incident, I wrote 3 posts on this blog: Part 1Part 2 and Part 3.

To summarise, Rule 1 is you must avoid rotten language books and websites especially when they are riddled with grave errors on every page. If you should see either volume or worse, both volumes in your child's room, remove them with a pair of tongs and discard them immediately. And don't visit the Speak Good English Movement's website unless you want to have a good laugh and you want to see the hilarious mistakes they make.

But how do you know when a book or a website is full of errors? That's what I will deal with in great detail in my subsequent posts. In How to Excel in English at PSLE and Beyond - Rule 2, I will explain how you can be alert to errors made by people who really don't know much about English grammar but for reasons I can't understand are eager to teach the entire nation what they have no clue of.

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