Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Got this message this morning from NASA: "Time: Tue Dec 04 8:12 PM, Visible: 2 min, Max Height: 43 degrees, Appears: WSW, Disappears: NNW" and I immediately set my alarm to ring at 8pm.  When my alarm rang tonight, I went directly to the balcony armed with my camera and binoculars but the view wasn't good.  So I went to the children's playground and stood on top of a slide.  It was cloudy and I tried my binoculars but the range of vision was too limited.  Anyway, the International Space Station can be viewed with the naked eye.  So I stared at roughly the right clearing in the sky.  I ignored the red flickering light from a plane.  Sure enough I saw a white light in the sky.  I saw it for about a second before it disappeared behind a cloud.  It was soon 8:14pm and the show was over.  But I have seen the ISS with my naked eye.  It was just a brief white light, fainter and thinner than I thought it would be but it was the real thing.  It still amazes me that humans can place a space station into orbit which can be seen from the Earth.

Genesis tells us that God hung the stars and the sun on the firmament (sky).  How right it is to say we bear the very image of God in that we too are able to hang our own "stars" in the sky.  Truly, how great we are!

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