Sunday, November 4, 2012

Do we have to be fat and unhealthy?

One noticeable change in all of us as we age is our size.  We tend to get bigger and bigger.  We tell ourselves this is natural.  After all, as we age, our metabolism slows down and we become more sedentary and simple arithmetics will show us why this is so - calories consumed = x; calories expended = y (which is much less than x because of our lifestyle).  Balance of calories which get converted to fat for storage = x-y.  Over the years, this accumulates to become what we see around our waists, on our faces and the rest of our bodies.  But it's not just cosmetics that we should worry about.  Our arteries get clogged, our cholesterol goes up and we succumb finally to a cardiac arrest which ends our lives or cripples us with a stroke.

Studies show that dieting does not help at all.  You can google and read up the scientific reports that diets really don't work.  Not only do they not work, they make you fatter, on the average, by 11 pounds more than what you weighed before commencing the diet.  Read this report for the details.

Not long ago, I discovered that my cholesterol was on the high side of the normal scale.  Well, that's nothing to get excited about.  Most people have cholesterol levels which are on the high side of the normal scale.  So I continued eating and living my life without any change and recently, my cholesterol level went beyond the normal range.  Some I want to be realistic.  I don't intend to cut down on what I eat and I certainly don't believe in taking medication.  So I embarked on a regime of my own creation (which is really nothing new at all) while always allowing me to continue unchecked with my usual diet of nasi padang with beef rendang and fried chicken wing and sotong sambal, masala chicken, bryani, sweet and sour pork, char siew and a wide assortment of cheeses, washed down with a lot of milk.  They say KFC is bad but I've always liked KFC and the crispy skin is the best part of the chicken.  I continue to eat KFC, skin and all and as I write this now, I have ordered KFC for the whole family and will be eating it for lunch.  And it was a prata breakfast for the whole family this morning.  OK, prata is vegetarian but I'm certainly not anywhere near being a vegetarian, not by a few lightyears.  Well, I do buy only low-fat milk but two cups of low-fat milk is equivalent in fat content to one cup of whole milk and since I drink quite a lot of it, it doesn't make all that much a difference.  I do sometimes opt for a healthier meal that comes in a Japanese bento set that contains rice, grilled salmon and fried chicken fritters. But I do not eat less than I have always been eating and I certainly don't cut out the fat and calories.

It's been about a month and I have since lost about 5kg.  How did I do it?  No dieting and absolutely no medication.  Is it possible?  I will be taking my cholesterol test in January and if my cholesterol level improves, I'll tell you the secret of my health plan.  But if my cholesterol is still unhealthily high, I won't say another word about this new regime of mine which I have since dubbed the "Ultimate Health Plan".  I don't want people to follow a health plan that doesn't help your cholesterol and I certainly don't want to have on my conscience readers of mine keeling over with a heart attack on account of having followed my Ultimate Plan.  So, I'll be the guinea pig and if it works for me and I can rein in my cholesterol level to an acceptable level, I will make this Ultimate Health Plan readily available to all for free.  Slimming centres that charge an arm and a leg will hate me for this but who cares?  This is my own plan and if I want to disclose it to all and sundry for free, who can stop me?

Supposing this Ultimate Plan also reduces the cholesterol in your body, wouldn't it be great?  You can eat as you please and you don't take a drop of medication and in a month, you lose 5 kg (and hopefully, your cholesterol drops to an acceptable level).  Do I hear the door bell?  It's my KFC lunch, folksies!  I've asked for chicken thigh and that's the best part - it's got lots of crispy skin.  Why people in the US prefer chicken breast is something that I can never understand.  Time to tuck in!

IMPORTANT NOTE: After reading over this post, it does appear as if I was selling some product.  Let me make it absolutely clear that I am not selling any product or plan.  I have just stumbled upon a health plan that has reduced my weight by 5kg in about a month without dieting and without medication.  Notice I have said nothing about exercise.  But let's be patient.  I don't want to make public a regime that doesn't work.  In January 2013, I'll be taking my blood test and  if my cholesterol is reduced substantially, that would be an indication that my Ultimate Health Plan does work.  That will be the time when I will feel justified in publicising this health regime.  And when I do that, it will be 100% gratis.  

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